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The 10/250 Goal: $161,000 Phase 1 Restoration

We invite and encourage you to engage in God’s work of restoration of Huduma school students and teachers in Kawangware, by financially supporting the ministry.  Our short-term goal is to raise support needed to restore 10 additional teachers and 250 students.

We estimate that to achieve this short-term goal of 10/250 we need to raise $161,000. This is the focus of our work in the weeks and months ahead. 

You may contribute online via Credit Card through our Donate Link.  We also accept checks which can be sent to Africa Equip Ministry (AEM) Administrative Offices in Atlanta, (address below).

You can designate your check to one or more of the following categories. Most critical support is needed for the Huduma School.

Engage in the following ways:

  • Support a student at $35/month or $420/year.
  • Support a teacher, at $300/month or $3,600/year. 
  • Support a school nurse and medical supplies at $1,200/month
  • Give where most needed 
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Administrative Office Address:

Africa Equip Ministry (AEM), 100 Crescent Centre Pkwy, Suite 660, Tucker, GA 30084
Phone: 770 455-8706

AEM International is a registered 501.c(3) charitable organization under IRS regulations. The ministry is 100% funded by gifts from private donors and churches that have a heart for God's poor. Tax-deductible donations can be made to AEM International. You can donate directly using Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express using the Donate link below. Payments are processed through PayPal and do not require a PayPal membership to make payments.

We also accept checks which can be sent to AEM Administrative Offices (address above). You can designate your check to one or more of the following categories:

  • 250 Students & 10 Teachers
  • Nurse & Medical Supplies
  • Most Needed
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What You Should Know About Our Phase 1 Goals

250 Students & 10 Teachers
Per Student/MO:

$ 35


$ 147,000

School Nurse & Medical Supplies
Per Month:

$ 1,200


$ 14,400

Most Needed

$ 37,000


$ 150,000