calendarAug 25,2023

July 2023 Huduma School Assessment Visit

The Atlanta team will meet again in early November. All men, women and students who have served on mission trips to Kawangware in the past, along with new friends and anyone who desires to hear updates and get involved in the ministry, are invited. Two Atlanta Team Members, Tom Schuler and John Purser, visited Kawangware in July 2023 to meet with David Kitonga, AEM Board Members, and ministry leaders, to assess the current school needs and how the Atlanta Team can support and assist with its restoration.

calendarOct 02,2020

November 2023 Meeting

Dr. Kitonga will be in Atlanta again in early November 2023 to meet with the Atlanta Team.

The Atlanta Team will meet again November 4 to discuss plans and updates to help support the 250/110 goals.  Anyone is invited who desires to hear updates and get involved in the ministry.”

calendarMay 23,2022

2024 Ministry Trip

All those who have participated in Ministry Trips to Kawangware, as well as newcomers desiring to serve, are invited to our next mission trip in July 2024, dates to be determined. 

We Need Your Prayers:
Pray for God’s work in Kawangware – and for the thousands of people who have put their faith in Jesus Christ.  Pray for resources, both material and spiritual, to educate children and train youth and adults to become productive, Christ-centered members of Kenya’s society.  Pray for the health of children and the provision of food for the thousands who lack daily nourishment.  Pray for the ministry leader David Kitonga and his wife Ann and their team of staff who give their lives daily to help the poor.